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Get started using the SDK (C#)


Our SDK is available as a NuGet package. Install the SDK using the NuGet package manager: Install-Package Elfskot.Connect.SDK

Initializing the ElfskotApiClient#

All interactions with the Elfskot API are done using the ElfskotApiClient:

var elfskotApiClient = new ElfskotApiClient(new Guid("YOUR APPLICATION ID"),"YOUR SECRET");

Data management#

Data management interactions are done through ManagementResources that can be directly accessed through elfskotApiClient.Management.

Retrieving entities#

To retrieve a entity by its ID you can use the GetById method:

var contact = elfskotApiClient    .Management    .CrmContacts    .GetById(new Guid("56448abb-f00e-45a8-b1ac-08c62c8ed8f5"));

To retrieve multiple entities you can use the Get method:

var contacts = elfskotApiClient    .Management    .CrmContacts    .OrderBy(c => c.CreatedDate)    .Limit(10)    .Get();

Including referenced entities#

By default the API will not include referenced entities. So for example if you want to retrieve the lines of quotation you can use the Include method:

var quotation = elfskotApiClient    .Management    .Quotations    .Include(q => q.Lines) // <-- Reference the entity you want to include.    .GetById(new Guid("56448abb-f00e-45a8-b1ac-08c62c8ed8f5"));
foreach(var line in quotation.Lines){}

Inserting entities#

To insert entities you can use the Create and BulkCreate methods:

var newCrmAccount = new CrmAccount()    {        CompanyName = "Brightwater Industries"    };
newCrmAccount = elfskotApiClient    .Management    .CrmAccounts    .Create(newCrmAccount);
var newIdentifier = newCrmAccount.Id;

Updating entities#

To update a entity you can use the Update or BulkUpdate methods:

quotation.Deliverydate = DateTimeOffset.Now;elfskotApiClient    .Management    .Quotations    .Update(quotation);

Deleting entities#

To delete a entity you can use the Delete method:

elfskotApiClient    .Management    .CrmContacts    .Delete(new Guid("56448abb-f00e-45a8-b1ac-08c62c8ed8f5"));