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Client Credentials

Before You Begin#

Create a new OpenId client integration page in the Integrations page and note your Client id and Secret.

Step 1: Use your Client ID and Secret to obtain an access token#

Replace the {CLIENT_ID} and {CLIENT_SECRET} values in the example below with those specific to your OpenId Client.

POST /connect/token HTTP/1.1Host: login.elfsquad.ioContent-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Step 2: Retrieve the access token from the response#

A successful response will look like this:

{    "access_token": "{ACCESS_TOKEN}",    "expires_in": 3600,    "token_type": "Bearer",    "scope": "Elfskot.Api"}

Step 3: Use the access token to access Elfsquad APIs#

You can now use the access token to make calls to one of the Elfsquad APIs until the token expires.

GET /data/1/features HTTP/1.1Host: api.elfsquad.ioAuthorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}