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Webhooks allow you to build integrations which subscribe to certain events inElfsquad. When one of those events is triggered, we'll send a HTTP POST payload to the webhook's configured CallbackUrl.


quotation.requestedTriggered when a new quotation is requested in the showroom.
quotation.submittedTriggered when a quotation is submitted.
quotation.acceptedTriggered when a quotation is accepted.
quotation.verifiedTriggered when a quotation is verified.

Event response examples#

This section provides an overview of different examples of response payloads.

quotation.requested, quotation.submitted, quotation.accepted, quotation.verified#

{    "quotationId": "56c4942c-d9c4-49db-beec-c1afcb1041c7",    "userId": "690dfb4a-6a8c-4816-b33e-f1f4565eb770"}

Creating a webhooks subscription#

To create a new webhooks subscription you send a HTTP POST request:


Content-Type: application/json


{    "identifier": "2313449eb71a4abb3df934eec91712e",    "topic": "quotation.submitted",    "callbackUrl": ""}

Request payload#

IdentifierstringA unique identifier for this webhook subscription. The identifier can be used to unsubscribe the webhook.
TopicstringThe name of the event you wish to subscribe to.
CallbackUrlstringA url that will be called when the subscribed event is triggered.

Handling a webhooks response#

When the subscribed event is triggered we will send a POST request to the callbackUrl with the following payload:

{    "topic": "quotation.submitted",    "content": {        "quotationId": "56c4942c-d9c4-49db-beec-c1afcb1041c7",        "userId": "690dfb4a-6a8c-4816-b33e-f1f4565eb770"    }}

Webhook response payload#

TopicstringThe name of the event that was triggered.
ContentobjectEach event has a different response object. See the section events for a detailed description.

Unsubscribing a webhook#

To delete a webhooks subscription you send a HTTP DELETE request:

URI: DELETE{identifier}