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Get complete control over the front-end. Use our APIs and libraries to build your own configurator, embed the Elfsquad Showroom in your website, or bring your own visualization to the Elfsquad Showroom.

Example usage:

  • Develop configuration interfaces tailored to specific customer segments or product lines, offering a unique and guided product selection experience.
  • Integrate with 3D rendering engines to provide real-time visual feedback as customers configure products, enhancing engagement and decision-making.
  • Create mobile applications that allow sales representatives or customers to configure products on-the-go, leveraging the configurator's capabilities for flexibility and convenience.


🛠️ Configurator Web

Build your own configurator

🖥️ Showroom IFrame

Embed the Elfsquad Showroom in your website

🖼️ Visualization IFrame

Bring your own visualization to the Elfsquad Showroom