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Get entities from LinkedFeatureModels



Get entities from LinkedFeatureModels


Query Parameters

    $top integer

    Show only the first n items

    $skip integer

    Skip the first n items

    $search string

    Search items by search phrases

    $filter string

    Filter items by property values

    $count boolean

    Include count of items

    $orderby string[]

    Possible values: [parentNodeId, parentNodeId desc, featureModelId, featureModelId desc, allowCardinality, allowCardinality desc, allowMultiplier, allowMultiplier desc, defaultCardinality, defaultCardinality desc, defaultCardinalityExpressionId, defaultCardinalityExpressionId desc, combineInView, combineInView desc, id, id desc, createdDate, createdDate desc, updatedDate, updatedDate desc, organizationId, organizationId desc, reference, reference desc, creatorId, creatorId desc, customField1, customField1 desc, customField2, customField2 desc, customField3, customField3 desc, customField4, customField4 desc, customField5, customField5 desc]

    Order items by property values

    $select string[]

    Possible values: [parentNodeId, featureModelId, allowCardinality, allowMultiplier, defaultCardinality, defaultCardinalityExpressionId, combineInView, id, createdDate, updatedDate, organizationId, reference, creatorId, customField1, customField2, customField3, customField4, customField5, organization]

    Select properties to be returned

    $expand string[]

    Possible values: [*, organization]

    Expand related entities


Retrieved entities




  • Array [

  • parentNodeId uuid
    featureModelId uuid
    allowCardinality boolean
    allowMultiplier boolean
    defaultCardinality int32

    Possible values: >= -2147483648 and <= 2147483647

    defaultCardinalityExpressionId uuid
    combineInView boolean
    id uuid
    createdDate date-time
    updatedDate date-time
    organizationId uuid
    reference string
    creatorId uuid
    customField1 string
    customField2 string
    customField3 string
    customField4 string
    customField5 string
  • ]