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Basic endpoints

The main endpoint for the API is:

Model URI Supported methods
ApplicationEvents /api/2/applicationevents GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
AssociatedFeatureProperties /api/2/associatedfeatureproperties GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
Categories /api/2/categories GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
CrmAccounts /api/2/crmaccounts GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
FeatureHasFeatureProperty /api/2/featurehasfeatureproperties GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
FeatureProperty /api/2/featureproperties GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
Feature /api/2/features GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
LeaseTable /api/2/leasetables GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
Organizations /api/2/organizations GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
QuotationLine /api/2/quotationlines GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
QuotationProperty /api/2/quotationproperties GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
Quotation /api/2/quotations GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
UnitOfMeasurement /api/2/uom GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
UserCreationRequest /api/2/UserCreationRequests GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
VAT /api/2/vats GET, POST, PUT, DELETE

Additional note about GET:

If the endpoint is requested without an ID, a list of all the entities will be returned. If an ID is specified, a single entity is returned.

It is also possible to use query parameters when retrieving a list of entities:

Name Type Description Example
Skip integer Specifies how many entities should be skipped in the result. GET /api/2/quotations?skip=10&limit=100
Limit integer Specifies how many entities you want to retrieve. GET /api/2/quotations?skip=10&limit=100
Orderby string Used to order the result based on a property of the entity. GET /api/2/features?orderby=name
Descending boolean By default the Orderby parameter orders the result in ascending order. If you want to retrieve the result in descending order you need to specify the descending parameter. GET /api/2/features?orderby=name&descending=true
Include string All non-native types are by default excluded from the API response. If you require them you have to specify this in the request. Note: Include values should be formatted in CamelCase. GET /api/2/quotations?include=Lines Will return all the lines of the corresponding quotations. You can add multiple include parameters to suffice all your requirements: GET /api/2/quotations?include=Lines&include=Debtor&include=Seller
Filter string Besides the native query parameters above; it is also possible to query on entity specific properties. For example; if you want to retrieve a list of all quotations that have the synced property set to true you can use the url: /api/2/quotations?synced=true. Where synced is a property of the quotation model.

Additional note about POST/PUT:

These methods support a single entity as well as a list of entities. Based on the provided entities the method for a single or bulk will be picked automatically.